Different types of essay writing and good pieces of advice

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Various types of essay writing complicate the process of fulfilling the assignments. Before writing a student must realize what kind of paper it is so that he could organize everything correctly. For this reason, we have decided to present 4 the most popular types of paper writing. Continue reading!

Essay writing format

  1. Narrative essay presents such a type of narration when you have to tell a story about the real life experience. On the one hand, it may seem rather easy, but only at first glance. On the other hand, you have to present your ideas and thoughts without any extra materials. The story must look as vivid as possible in order to catch the readers’ attention and become a complete work. The fact that most narrative essays are written in the first person makes it easier to engage the reader. It provokes a feeling of being a part of the story like one of the main characters. Don’t forget that the ending must present itself a personal statement or a kind of summarizing.
  2. Descriptive essay is nothing else, but painting a picture in readers’ minds with the help of words. You can write about some object, person, situation or even memory. This work can be called descriptive, but only in a way since this essay strives to present deeper ideas through an ordinary description. By using expressive words and sensory details, the author has to show, not to tell. This essay writing format appeals to emotions of the reader, that’s why it brings strong images.
  3. Expository essay is an essay which presents the facts. It’s an informative kind of work with a thought-out analysis of the topics. It has the form of statistics, examples, etc. This essay covers a wide range of other essay variations such as a contrast or a comparison one. As a result, the author doesn’t have to reveal his emotions and is based on real facts and proved materials.
  4. Persuasive essay is aimed at convincing a person of some vision or opinion. Unlike the previous type of paper, it should persuade the reader to accept the recommendation or some great viewpoint. With the help of facts, examples and expert opinions, the writer builds the case by demonstrating different visions. Still, he can’t thrust his opinion to readers; he must explain the logical choice of some idea.

By using these simple descriptions, you can find the main differences between essay types. If you find it complicated, you can ask us for assistance. We are a team of expert authors who know all the features of paper writing.

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Essay type writing format

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